Wednesday 5th February 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Royal Marines – ‘Mission Afghanistan’ (TV documentary)

60×1 bicep curls, 50×2 dumbbell bench press, 50×1 tricep extensions, 75×1 standard squat, 50×1 Marine crunch, 60×1 wide press-ups (Australia Holiday, session 19)

It has been a long day today. It took me a half hour extra to get to work this morning due to industrial action on the rail infrastructure of London and then an extra hour and a half to get home after work – with the return journey, and continuing industrial action, in mind I have decided to run the 4 miles from work to Euston station tomorrow! It will be far quicker and probably less tiring than the hour it took on the bus this afternoon!

So, on the return journey I began to feel very tired and decided I wouldn’t go to the pool or for a run tonight – as I mentioned above, I’ll save the cardio for tomorrow! All was not lost though as I wasn’t going to miss out on a workout this evening because I ended up having a rest and recovery day yesterday. I chose to go for a vegan curry and a couple of beers with my cousin Charlotte instead! This was not a bad thing at all and as I always end up thinking/saying/writing after I’ve had an enjoyable social evening: I really do need to socialise more. I’m going to work on that side of life this year.

Anyway, as you’ll see from the breakdown of my workout above, I increased my reps quite a lot for my Marine crunches (+20) and by an extra 10 for the wide push-ups. I’ve stayed put on 75 squats for now but I’m hoping to push that up to the 100 mark by the middle of next week. I am sitting here slightly berating myself for doing such a short session (again) but I find it really hard to stay motivated to do more than single sets when I’m doing my S&C sessions on my own…

With that said, I think the time might be approaching for me to take up a gym membership to bring a competitive edge to my S&Cs and to also give me access to various bits of equipment that will make me fitter, stronger and more toned (it may also increase my chances to socialise). There, I’ve said it, a gym membership is on the horizon – the one thing I have held fast against since taking up the fitness thing in 2011. My motto, when it comes to gym fanatics is “The world is my gym.” Well, the world is my gym but there are also gyms in the world and I’m going to be hitting one soon by the sound of it! I know that once I’ve paid for it, I will most certainly use it too so it won’t be a waste of money or a fad like it is for quite a few people out there.

On that note, I’m off! Until the ‘morrow dear reader I bid you adieu 🙂

Peace Out x

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