Friday 31st January 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Slam Radio Podcast – ‘Norman Nodge – #70′

60×1 bicep curls, 75×1 standard squat, 30×1 Marine crunch, 25×1 Superman dorsal raise, 50×1 wide press-ups, 50×1 close press-ups (Australia Holiday, session 18)

A short post again today, and a short workout to boot!

I figured it’s Friday, I’m tired and I’m going to my friend Mike’s house for curry and Australian beer tasting tonight so I best get something in beforehand before I drink some beers!

34 days until Mike, Kassandra (his better half) and I fly out to see our best friends Colin and Alicia and 41 days until Colin and Alicia tie the knot! I cannot wait to get out there – I miss my best buddy like I’d miss my very own brother, it’ll be just shy of a year since we shared a beer in the same room! It’s just not the same with an 11 hour time difference over Skype 😀

Happy weekend y’all, work[out] hard and play hard friends!

Peace & Blessings x

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