Wednesday 29th January 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Top Gun – ‘Original Motion Picture Soundtrack’

50m warm-up (freestyle)

50x25m untimed (freestyle/underwater sidestroke/breaststroke)

100m warm-down (freestyle)

Sauna: 20 minutes / Steam Room: 20 minutes

Just a short post today dear reader, so I won’t keep you long!

As soon as I got home from work and had fed the dog I grabbed my swim bag and headed straight for the pool – I decided against a strength and conditioning workout in addition to a swim this evening as I don’t want to tire myself out before the weekend! (Tomorrow I’ll be foregoing the swim and concentrating on a good S&C session)

When I got to the pool I noticed immediately that there was no lane discipline there tonight – there were slow swimmers in the fast lanes, the general lanes were full of kids and ‘splashers’ whilst the average lanes also had slow swimmers. There were all manner of strokes on display: backstroke, breaststroke, a strange head out of the water ‘freestyle’ and other nondescript strokes that I can’t begin the describe! I ploughed through this mess with my 50m warm-up and then managed two laps of my usual workout before I decided it wasn’t going to be possible. I didn’t want to get out of the pool though so I just slipped under the lane divider into the average speed lanes which had fewer swimmers – at this point an attendant told me if I wanted to swim fast I’d have to go in the fast lane…I told him that if that was the case he’d need to move all but one of the swimmers in the ‘fast’ lanes into the general or average lanes and then I let him know that I planned to concentrate on swimming underwater and breaststroke. He seemed happy with that and left me to it.

So, that’s what I did: I swam up the pool using freestyle at race pace and then back down the pool as much underwater and using a sidestroke technique as I could manage, before breaking the surface to finish the lap using breaststroke. I didn’t see the point of timing this particular workout but I did put a lot of effort into swimming my underwater sections as fast and aggressive as possible – my arms definitely felt the workout and I’m already feeling more confident about stretching my underwater limits once I’ve honed and practiced my technique! Also, it felt good to mix it up and I’m going to try and fit once of these type of workouts in once a week – it was far less regimented but no less challenging and rewarding than my usual 1km/40 lap, pool mile/66 lap or 2km/80 lap freestyle sessions!

Afterwards I went up to the sauna and steam room with my friend Mike who is coming to Australia with me in March. We chatted, planned and plotted for 40 minutes and we’re pretty certain that we’re going to try and bag one of the Seven Summits whilst we’re over there: Mount Kosciuszko! I’m looking forward to giving it a shot if we get the chance during the two weeks I plan to be there!

That’s it for today folks, I’m off to visit my old man and eat some carbs!

Peace Out x

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