Tuesday 28th January 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Mastertraxx Underground Techno Podcast – ‘Morgan Tomas’

60×1 bicep curls, 50×2 dumbbell bench press, 40×1 tricep extensions, 50×1 standard squat,  45×1 sit-ups-ups, 30×1 Marine crunch, 50×1 Russian twists, 45×1 dorsal raise, 20×1 Superman dorsal raise, 40×1 wide press-ups, 40×1 close press-ups, 4:15 x1 standard plank (Australia Holiday, session 16)


Workout Soundtrack: The Velvet Underground – ‘…& Nico’

50m warm-up (freestyle)

40x25m 19:10 (freestyle)

100m warm-down (breaststroke)

Sauna: 35 minutes

Saturday, Sunday and Monday were characterised by five things: rest, recovery, housework, work and sleep. Lots of sleep. I feel so much better taking the extra two days – normally I would have been back in the pool at some point on Sunday having had Saturday resting. I woke up at about 0330hrs on Sunday morning and felt really quite ill and so for the next few hours up to 1200hrs I drifted in and out of sleep – at 1200hrs I got up to take possession of my monthly food shopping delivery and then tried to eat some scrambled eggs. Tried was the operative word in the previous sentence as I just couldn’t manage it so Loki got to enjoy that!

I decided to go back to bed at 1230hrs and thankfully I managed to fall asleep until 1600hrs, when I woke up from three and a half hours of pretty deep sleep I felt much better so I got up drank some green tea and ate some toast before taking the dog down to see my Dad for a few hours. I was back in bed and asleep by 2230hrs that night and thanks to a training day at work didn’t have to be up until 0700hrs on Monday morning – after a fairly easy day in a training seminar I found myself back in bed and pretty much asleep by 2200hrs on Monday night and then rose at 0700hrs again this morning the second day of my two day training in managing emotional and behavioural responses to complex trauma. Fun stuff, I assure you!

A quick pit stop at home saw me eat a banana and then hit the deck for a strength and conditioning workout – it felt really great to be working on my abs again with some serious marine crunches, sit-ups and Russian twists. I didn’t manage any real core work last week due to abrasions at the top of my…how to put this delicately…butt cheeks…(hahaha) from incorrect posture and netted shorts whilst hammering out sets a week and a half or so ago! I’m on the hunt for some new fleece lined, or at least unnetted, workout shorts to avoid this happening in the future. Anyway, abrasions aside, I was really happy that I decided to throw in some Superman dorsal raises without too much difficulty and I think with a week or so of those under my belt I’ll begin to hit the Superman planks! Ah, the plank, the exercise I always end with and the one I find probably most difficult as it is just as much a mental game as a physical test – I passed both today with a 15 second PR! Woo!

After a green tea, half a pint of water and a piece of wholemeal toast I grabbed my swim bag and headed for the pool. On arrival I saw three lanes set out for faster swimmers and nobody in the pool! I jumped in as fast as I could I began to smash out the laps – I went through 12 with no company and then another swimmer joined, by lap 21 there was myself and three others so it was getting a little crowded. At around lap 22 I noticed the left eye piece of my goggles was leaking a little and this threw my mental game – I had originally been going pretty fast and I think I may have been on 40 lap/1km PR pace but I just couldn’t hack the sensation of having water on my eyeball so I just slowed it down a little and had to stop briefly on a couple of laps to empty the lens piece. I abandoned my attempt at a 1km PR within a pool mile (66 lap) workout and began my warm-down after lap 40.

All was not lost though as I decided to see how far, and indeed if, I could swim under water for any great length…the answer is no and this has now spurred me on the learn a better technique to enable me to do my warm-downs predominately underwater by the end of the year! I like a challenge and I love to research so this underwater swimming topic is one that I’ll be visiting frequently here on the blog during ‘Swim’ posts! Anyway, post warm-down I headed to the sauna which was completely empty for the entire 35 minutes I was in there – as regular readers will know; I like nothing more than a bit of silent solitude in the sauna. I spent 25 minutes on the top deck with a towel over my head so it was not only silent but dark too – quite an odd sensation and, obviously, it make the experience that much warmer! I managed fifteen minutes with the towel on my head, then ten minutes sans towel and guzzling 500ml of cold water – at this point I dropped down to the lower level of the sauna, donned my flip-flops and relaxed for ten minutes.

I’m currently sitting here writing and feeling much better than I have done for quite some time – it is clear to me in hindsight that my body was giving me a lot of signals that I needed more sleep and I’m going to have to work on my sleep discipline/patterns so that I don’t burn out or become injured and fatigued early in the year! So, with that dear reader, I’m signing off to go and catch some Zs before my Early shift tomorrow.

Peace & Blessings

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