Tuesday 21st January 2014

Workout Soundtrack: CLR Podcast – ‘Kr!z – #255

50×2 bicep curls, 40×2 dumbbell bench press, 40×1 tricep extensions, 40×1 wide press-ups, 40×1 close press-ups, 40×1 dorsal raise, 50×1 standard squat, 3:45 x1 standard plank (Australia Holiday, session 13)


Workout Soundtrack: Bulldoze – ‘The Final Beatdown’

50m warm-up (freestyle)

40x25m 18:05 (freestyle)

100m warm-down (breaststroke)

Sauna:  20 minutes / Steam Room:  20 minutes

I spent most of my working day checking my e-mail every ten minutes waiting to hear if I’d go through to the final interview for Trainee Emergency Medical Dispatcher with London Ambulance Service…alas…

I should have waited and been patient! I stressed myself out until 1430hrs but then received the amazing news that I have an interview on Friday 14th February at 1245hrs! I’m so excited for this – I’ve been researching the role, the organisation, the ethos and values, the standards and the future business plan all in preparation for being able to sit in front of a panel of my peers to prove that I have the passion, knowledge and drive to improve myself and in then to push on into future to build a career within LAS. Nervous, excited, elated…and just a bit proud that I’ve managed to get this far after only taking the decision that I wanted to work for LAS and to eventually become a Paramedic in September last year!

Obviously this excitement helped me to forget about my general level of tiredness and when I got home I went straight out for a walk with Loki (more about him in tomorrow’s post). We strolled down to my Dad’s and I told him the good news and relaxed for an hour. On my return home I did a pretty quick strength and conditioning workout and then my housemate and I hit the pool and hit it hard! He swam a very fast 50 laps and I tried to follow whenever our paths crossed in the lanes – I think I gave a good account of myself judging by the 18:05 displayed on my watch after touching the wall on lap 40 and ending my own session. Tom, my housemate, had finished his 50 three laps before me! It felt great to finally get in a decent and fast swim after the string of disappointing sessions last week and I’m heading back to the pool after work tomorrow to swim what I call a pool mile: 66 laps.

When we went up to the sauna we found that it was actually full! No room at the inn. Thankfully when we opened the door to the steam room we found it to be a little less full. It was noisy with people having myriad conversations which would normally annoy me but because I’m in such a good mood I just conversed with Tom and my other friend who joined us at the end of his own breaststroke 45 lap session. I don’t normally stay in the steam room for so long but 20 minutes felt pretty easy today – probably because I was sitting and chatting so my mind was taken off the heat…usually I pace around trying to meditate and clear my mind! After twenty minutes in there Tom and Mike called it a day and I hit the sauna which had significantly cleared out by this point. I wanted to do half an hour but after 15 minutes I felt like I was struggling a little and I didn’t want to take the edge off what had been a great – so it was that I called it a day after twenty minutes and took a long, cold shower before heading home to eat steak!

I’m sitting here, post steak, still feeling great about the way January has taken me so far! 2014 has got off to a flyer – it’s a bit daunting with a lot changing quite quickly but it looks like this year is going to be one of adventure, new experiences, hard work and fulfillment. I can’t wait!

I hope January has treated you all just as kindly dear reader. Thanks again for sticking around to read to the end and thanks also for your continued readership and support – it really means a lot 🙂 Until the ‘morrow, I bid y’all adieu.

Peace Out x

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