Monday 20th January 2014

I was up at 0500hrs and out of my house by 0630hrs – it was a mixture of my alarms and nervous energy that got me through the rest of the day!

I got to probably the most important interview of my life so far 20 minutes early. Today was the first stage of potentially two for Trainee Emergency Medical Dispatcher – if I passed today’s battery of tests I will be invited for interview at a later date. I should find out if this is the case tomorrow…fingers crossed as I don’t think I did too badly! If I can get to a face to face interview I think I have a fairly good chance of becoming a London Ambulance Service employee and taking my first steps towards becoming a Paramedic in the future!

After my interview I headed from Docklands in East London to meet with my Senior Paramedic friend to talk shop and break down my interview over some lunch. We talked about the equipment store and vehicle store at the depot where my interview took place and generally geeked out about various bits of trauma medicine and specialist emergency response kit for an hour and a half. From there it was off to start my Late shift at 1400hrs!

The shift seemed to drag on for an eternity as I began to feel more and more tired with each passing hour and then each passing minute – I was so grateful to get home and to be closer to sleep, not least because tomorrow I’ll be up again at 0530hrs to make it to work in time for an 0800-1600hrs Early shift! No rest for the wicked, or something like that!

Hopefully I won’t be feeling so tired after my shift tomorrow and I’ll be able to get in a strength and conditioning workout before hitting the pool and sauna!

Peace & Blessings x

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