Sunday 19th January 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Misfits – ‘American Psycho’

50m warm-up (freestyle)

20x25m untimed (freestyle)

50m warm-down (breaststroke)

Sauna: 35 minutes

I went for an hour long, very muddy and wet  power hike with Loki and as I had a very busy day planned I turned around within five minutes of returning and headed straight out to the pool. Again, it was very busy at the pool and wasn’t conducive to a very productive or flowing swim so, again, for the third time this week I cut my swim drastically short and then headed for the sauna for some peace, quiet and solitude!

I really think I might have to write to the pool manager about fair distribution of lanes for those swimmers that wish to swim using freestyle only – it is very frustrating when people are in the fast lanes using breaststroke or backstroke when they could be doing that in either the slow or general lanes. Rant over…for now!

Anyway, I had a very pleasant afternoon trying on suits with my mate Mike for the wedding we are due to attend in Australia in about 6 weeks! Afterwards we went to the pub for a few swift pints and then on to his flat for Mexican food and some crap TV time – not a bad way to prepare for my London Ambulance Service Emergency Medical Dispatcher interview on Monday!

Peace Out x

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