Friday 17th January 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Ideal Audio Podcast – ‘Rob Hes – volume 32’

50×2 bicep curls, 40×2 dumbbell bench press, 30×1 tricep extensions 25×3 wide press-ups, 25×3 close press-ups, 40×3 sit-ups, 20×3 marine crunch, 25×3 Russian twist (w/no weight), 25×3 dorsal raise, 50×3 standard squat, 2:45 x1 standard plank (Australia Holiday, session 12)


Workout Soundtrack: CLR Podcast – ‘Tony Rohr – #254’

50m warm-up (freestyle)

26x25m 10:38 (freestyle)

no warm-down

Sauna: 30 minutes / Steam Room: 15 minutes

I’ve had wonderful day off and I’ve certainly made the most of it as I’m back to work tomorrow! I woke up late (midday to be precise!) and took care of some housework, had some lunch and walked the dog. On my return I watched a bit of news and read the newspaper before deciding the time had come to get in my strength and conditioning workout – at this current time referred to as ‘Operation Beach Body’ in light of my preparing to head to Australia in just under seven weeks!

I had an exhilarating workout and it made me feel great to have got a three set circuit in to my day! Lately I’ve been doing increased rep, one set workouts and the occasional two setter but ideally the three set circuit would be the way to go. I took my time and did some quality, slow repetitions of all of the exercises outlined above – I definitely felt the burn but it bought a smile to my face (often through gritted teeth)! After today’s session of ‘Operation Beach Body’  I had a cup of green tea, 500ml of water and a banana and then shoulder by swim bag and headed to the pool with my housemate.

On arrival I could see that I wouldn’t be getting in a quality 80 lap/2km session – there were just two lanes set aside for serious swimmers with the rest put aside for swimming lessons and ‘general swimming’…general swimming being a byword for treading water, dive bombing, chatting and paddling around! My housemate and I took a deep breath, sighed and then began our respective workouts – he was aiming for a 66 lap/pool mile and as I mentioned I would have liked to do an 80 lap/2km effort. It didn’t quite work out that way though (pardon the pun) – we got in 10 quality laps with him going up the pool and me going down the pool, each meeting at the halfway point on each lap…then two people got in and decided to start swimming using breaststroke, and very slowly at that. This doesn’t bother my housemate as he just tries to swim around and will slow himself down but for my it becomes unbearable having to concentrate on anything other than my stroke and my lap count – I vowed to complete 26 laps before losing my temper and did so! My housemate did manage his 66 but it took him a lot longer that he’s used to!

Although the swim wasn’t idea I was still feeling buoyant from my earlier strength and conditioning workout so my time in the sauna and steam room was happy, relaxing and gave me the time to do some slow stretching and quiet meditation. I do so love my time in the sauna and steam room – I feel like it gives me a lot of mental strength as well as physical benefit and I’d recommend it to anybody who has access to one!

Anyway, that’s it from me today dear reader! Happy Friday everyone – stay motivated and keep on keeping on!

Peace & Blessings

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