Thursday 16th January 2014

Workout Soundtrack: The Doors – ‘The Very Best of’

50m warm-up (freestyle)

20x25m 9:10 (freestyle)

100m warm-down (breaststroke)

Sauna: 25 minutes / Steam Room: 10 minutes

I decided to do just a quick workout in the pool today. It was quite busy even though it was Early and during my warm-up and first 4 laps I had to slow myself down to avoid hurtling into other swimmers. After 4 laps or so people got into a rhythm that worked and I decided to do a race pace 20 lap swim before hitting the sauna and steam room.

Today’s swim was a little more laboured than yesterday, I think it’s because I’m used to swimming a longer distance so I didn’t have much time to find my own breathing pattern and rhythm for the workout. I did feel kind of bad getting out of the pool after 20 laps and a guy who I sometimes see at the pool remarked that it seemed like a short and fast session for me today – I didn’t really know to respond to that and it made me feel a little like I should just carry on swimming but, in all honesty, I just don’t think I was feeling it today. That’s not such a bad thing to admit, as I’ve said before not every workout can be fantastic but you’ll always regret those that you don’t do! After sitting quietly in the sauna for a while that’s the conclusion I came to – it may have been a short workout and may have been more difficult than I would usually expect but at least I got it done!

The swim, sauna and steam room combination (even with shortened pool session) still set me up nicely for the day though – I always feel more relaxed and prepared for work if I manage to get my workout in beforehand and today was no different.

In other news, my trip to Afghanistan in October is starting to take a lot more shape – I’ve got together my military contact list and I’m currently writing a proposal to send to various outfits from eight different countries to see if I can spend a bit of time with them when I’m out there. So far it could go one of two ways: I could end up spending 2 weeks on my own in a fortified hotel in Kabul or I could spend one of my two weeks doing that and another of the weeks seeing life outside the capital through the eyes of Marines, sailors, soliders or airmen…I’ll keep you posted!

With that dear reader, I bid you all a good day! The weekend is nearly upon us and I hope it treats you well. I’ll be heading to the pool tomorrow, hopefully to do an 80 lap/2km session and on Sunday I might go out for a run to see how ready my body is to accept that idea after being out of the game since January 1st!

Peace Out x

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