Wednesday 15th January 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Janis Joplin – ‘Super Hits’

50m warm-up (freestyle)

50x25m untimed (freestyle)

100m warm-down (breaststroke)

Sauna: 30 minutes / Steam Room: 5 minutes

I vowed after yesterday’s abandoned workouts that I would get to the pool today come hell or high water: thankfully there were no floods and the gates of Hell remain closed (as far as I can tell) and so I got to the pool without any trouble at all!

On the way to the pool I noticed that I’d forgotten my watch – at first this stopped me dead in my tracks and I wondered whether I should turn back to pick it up or not. After standing still for about a minute something clicked in my head: time isn’t everything! When it comes to training it is pretty much irrelevant most of the time – it’s more about the effort! With that all squared away I continued walking to the pool.

For the first time in a long time I managed to get an entire lane to myself for the whole workout! I did briefly think that this would be the case – I’ve got nobody in my way, I’ve got my mind focused on putting in some hard effort…and I’ve got no watch to let me know how fast I’m going or, indeed, to let me know whether or not I’m nearing or bettering my 1km PR. I quickly buried that thought, lest it hinder my focus on putting in a hard effort! I did my usual faster than race-pace warm-up and felt ready to rock and roll – I swam at hard effort/race pace for 10 laps, then slightly slower for 5 and then back to hard effort race pace for another 10 laps. Then for the next 10 laps I swam at a moderate pace as I was definietely feeling the effort in my shoulders with increased! I steeled myself for the final 15 and swam as hard as I could for those – I’d say probably 7 or 8 laps above race pace and then a gradual decline in pace until I hit 50 laps. I must say it was a great workout, I felt wonderful during my warm down and headed off to the sauna and steam room with a smile on my face!

Because it was quite early in the day, before 1200hrs, the sauna and steam room were very quiet with only a few people keeping themselves to themselves – no conversations were happening and it was great to spend 35 minutes in silent reflection. A great way to start my day and something I’d like to be able to do before every Late shift! Speaking of my Late shift, I’m currently writing this at my desk, at work. So, with that in mind dear reader I’m going to sign off for the day.

Peace & Blessings x

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