Tuesday 14th January 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Mastertraxx Underground Techno Podcast – ‘Mixed by Mark Rogan’

70×1 bicep curls, 40×2 dumbbell bench press, 60×1 sit-ups, 30×1 marine crunch (Australia Holiday, session 11)


Workout Soundtrack: –

km (Camden Road – Canonbury) 00:00 (Mountain Bike, on road)

As you can see above my workouts today didn’t quite go to plan at all! I became very distracted in my mind whilst doing my Operation Beach Body workout – I began to realise I had a lot of housework to be getting on with and not a lot of time to be doing it! Also, I forgot the night before to prepare two nutritious meals for my Wednesday and Thursday Late shifts (I’d already prepared meals for Monday and Tuesday).

I thought to myself ‘It’ll be fine, you can get in a set in between chores and whilst your dahl is bubbling in the pot’…after attempting this folly I soon came to the conclusion that, no, this would not be fine! For some reason that I haven’t yet figured out I cannot do this – I need to either fully dedicate myself to the workout or the workout doesn’t get done. I tried a few press-ups once I’d put my dahl together and before running the vacuum cleaner around but I felt sluggish and weak whereas normally I’d have no difficulty completing the set. I guess I just need to fully invest mind, body and soul into it otherwise it’s all too easy to veer away from the task in hand and find excuses not to get the job done for the sake of other jobs.

So, after abandoning my core/weights session in its infancy I completed my cooking, dusting, vacuuming, washing, dog walking and generally preparing for my Late shift. Whilst I was doing all of this I noticed that my landlord had decided to start painting out front entry hallway and had a brief discussion with him about the fact I’d like to get my bike through so I could part train/part cycle to work – we decided it probably wouldn’t be the greatest idea as the entryway is quite narrow and my bike and myself would probably end up covered in paint! That was that then, another workout scratched for the day. I carried the guilt of two abandoned workouts to work and endured a miserable shift largely spent beating myself up about not fitting in any decent exercise of any sort and vowed to get to the pool and sauna before my Wednesday Late shift!

…It wasn’t all doom and gloom at work though. I do like to finish on a positive note so here it is: around 1630hrs I recieved an e-mail from the London Ambulance Service inviting me to an assessment/interview for the position of Trainee Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD)! I am so excited to have this opportunity as it would really help on my journey to becoming a Paramedic in the future. Monday 20th January, 0900hrs – BRING.IT.ON.

Peace Out x

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