Sunday 12th January 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Metallica – ‘The Black Album’

70×1 bicep curls, 40×2 dumbbell bench press, 20×1 wide press-ups, 15×1 close press-ups, 60×1 sit-ups, 30×1 marine crunch, 2:15 x1 standard plank (Australia Holiday, session 10)


Workout Soundtrack: Slayer – ‘A Decade of Aggression’

50m warm-up (freestyle)

4x25m untimed (freestyle)

No warm-down

I spent an hour bombing around on my mountain bike last night! I took to the roads looking for downhills and speed bumps with a view to getting some air and taking my mind off some stuff that has been bothering me – it worked a treat and tired me out enough to get in a good night of sleep. However, when I woke up this morning my legs were feeling the high speed efforts of the night before as was my lower back.

I took the dog for a long, slow walk and then decided to get my Australia Holiday workout in. I couldn’t manage any more than one set of the exercises I outlined above – it was quite a short but hard going workout and I longed to get in the pool for a shake out afterwards! Arriving at the pool shortly afterwards I learned that this would not be the case – it was chaos in there. The three lanes set aside for swimmers not involved with that evening’s club training session were jam packed with people swimming at different abilities, with different strokes and with no consideration for each other – I managed four laps and was jostled a fair bit by the other swimmers so I decided to get out and go and clear my mind and stretch my limbs in the sauna and steam room.

Forty minutes I spent in quiet contemplation in the sauna – it was bliss and I managed to do some slow stretching on my legs and back, they now feel much better after a cold shower too. After this I spent ten minutes striding and stretching in the steam room before heading home for a power nap! I feel refreshed and ready for my week of Late shifts coming up and I’m considering trying out something new to get me out on the bike more often – I might try and do a part train/part cycle commute to and from my Late shifts. I can get the train to within six to eight miles of work and then cycle the rest of the way – it’ll be something totally new to me as I’m not really used to cycling in London or on the roads but, as they say, you don’t know if you’ll like something until you try it and let us not forget the words of Scott Jurek: “Sometimes you just do things!” 🙂

With that dear reader, I’m off to shower and sleep. I hope you’ve had an active and enjoyable weekend!

Peace & Blessings

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