Friday 10th January 2014

Workout Soundtrack: 700 Years of Music in Tibet – ‘Puja for the Eight Paradises’

50m warm-up (freestyle)

80x25m 43:43 (freestyle)

50m warm-down (freestyle)

I got to the pool early today and was happy to find a lane dedicated for faster swimmers…with nobody in it! I jumped in and did my warm up and then set off for my usual 40 lap workout. I’m not entirely sure what happened! I found the first 30 laps quite difficult and I couldn’t seem to get my shoulders or neck to relax but then somewhere around the 38 lap mark I suddenly felt more able and like I was beginning to finally enjoy having the lane largely to myself (another guy joined around the 25 lap mark) – at this point I decided to to swim a mile/1600m.

As I was approaching the mile mark I really was in my own world and thought to myself ‘Hey, why not go for the 70.3 distance – it’s only 8 more laps!’…8 laps later and I was still having a pretty strong swim although a little bit of sporadic cramping was beginning to happen in my left calf but I put that to one side in my head and decided I’d swim a full 2km and double my usual swim workout! I have never swam above 1.2 miles and I figured, as the pool was quiet, now would be a good time to start and set the benchmark for future 2km endeavours. I was really pleased when I touched the wall on lap 80 and stopped the watch – I felt exhilarated, a bit like I do after I’ve been for a decent long run. Something tells me 80 laps swim sessions will soon become my standard pool workout!

Something also tells me that a 70.3/Half Ironman isn’t beyond the realms of possibility at some point this year – the only thing stopping me is the lack of a road bike and wet suit so I’m thinking I’ll look into Cross-Half: open water swim, 90km on the mountain bike and then a trail half marathon to finish it up! If it’s out there I’ll find it – watch this space!

After my swim I hit the sauna for 40 minutes of quiet (and very hot) reflection and after a 3 minute ice cold shower I did 6 minutes of pacing in the steam room. I was thankful for my water and the Snickers bar I had stashed in my swim bag afterwards as I was beginning to feel somewhat lethargic and super relaxed afterwards! The Snickers got me home and gave me just enough energy to cook some pasta and a couple of chicken thighs and now I’m sitting here very content and looking forward to a deep sleep, a lie in and then another 80 lap session tomorrow.

Happy weekend to you dear reader, use it well 🙂

Peace & Blessings

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