Tuesday 7th January 2014

Namaste dear reader.

Just a quick post today – I decided to take two days back to back as rest and recovery as I still have a cold and chesty cough. I’m feeling pretty run down and tired in general so I’m hoping that a few good nights of sleep will help me to recover to a state where I can confidently get in the pool and comfortably swim my usual 1km/40 lap set!

I spent the weekend in Birmingham and I believe my chesty cough has come about after sitting in my Nan and my Ma’s living rooms, respectively. They both smoke a lot of cigarettes and it’s not my place to preach or ask them to smoke elsewhere in their own homes! I’m happy to endure it because I love being around my family and being at home – I don’t get to go back often enough. If you’ve ‘Liked’ my page on Facebook or follow my Twitter feed then you’ll see that I managed to do some core and upper body workouts whilst visiting home! I have most certainly kept up with my plan to get toned and fit for Australia in March and then, moving forwards from there for my races and training over the coming year.

I hope the week so far is treating you well.

Peace & Blessings x

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