Monday 30th December 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Death Threat – ‘Last Dayz’

10km 41:11 (Country to City, session 4)


Workout Soundtrack: Knuckledust – ‘Universal Struggle’

1×30 sit-ups, 1×20 wide push-ups, 1×15 close push-ups, 1×20 dorsal raise, 1×15 leg lifts, 1×10 Marine crunch, 1×2:10 standard plank (Australia Holiday, session 3)

“I can’t tell if it’s better to run through colds or take days off. I often feel better after I run and get junk out of my lungs.”

– Ryan Hall, US Olympic Marathon runner.

I went to sleep at around 2220 and I was extremely thankful to wake-up fully rested and feeling much less under the weather at 0930hrs this morning! It’s amazing what a good rest (and some meds) can do for you.

I decided pretty soon after waking that I should take the opportunity to get in a run before work even though the rain was falling and the wind was blowing a gale! I put on my running gear, including my S-Lab 12 pack, and went downstairs to have a quick cup of coffee and a quick 500mls of water…and off I went! Initially I had decided to head out for 6 to 8km but I felt really good after about 1km and upped my pace a little – it was surprising how easy it felt to do so considering how heavy, lethargic and ill I felt yesterday. So it was that I went through the 5km mark in 19:02 and so it was that I decided to ditch the 6 to 8km mindset and push on through the wind and rain to a full 10km!

Up to the 6km point I had a tail wind but as I changed my route so changed the wind direction and I was buffeted by strong head and crosswinds from around 7km right up to finishing at my front door. Naturally, with this being the case, I was very surprised that I managed to keep my pace up, my head up and my spirits up and almost bagged a sub-40:00m 10km! I was expecting a really tough run when I set off but because of my pace and the general feedback my body was giving me I felt it would have been an injustice to stop, however briefly, and unpack my Berghaus Elite rain jacket. As Ryan Hall says, in the quote a the beginning of this post, I got home after my run having jettisoned a fair amount of “junk out of my lungs” and consequently I’ve felt better for it all day long.

On my return home I still had enough energy, after eating some more of my Christmas gingerbread house, that I managed to get in my Australia Holiday workout. Just one set of each exercise today and not a full compliment of exercises either – no weights and no russian twists but still a worthwhile undertaking! I can already see and feel the difference these core/weights workouts are making after only three sessions. Just going to keep on keeping on with them, as I do! With that dear reader, I shall leave you with my final inspirational quote of the day and one which has set the tone for my core and weights programme:

“Work it, brother, all it takes is a little consistency every day to build those muscles…You know what the best workout machine is? The human body.”
– Sgt. Rudy Reyes, United States Marine Corps on fitness. (E. Wright, ‘Generation Kill’, 2004, p.144)

Peace Out x

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