Sunday 29th December 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Sven Väth – ‘Sounds of the Ninth Season’

Core & Weights (Australia Holiday, session 2)

40×2 bicep curls, 30×2 dumbbell bench press, 20×2 wide press-ups, 15×2 close press-ups, 20×2 russian twist, 20×2 dorsal raise, 30×2 sit-ups, 1×40 tricep extensions, 10×1 marine crunch, 15×1 leg raise, 1×2:10 standard plank

I’ve been feeling pretty under the weather since Monday 23rd but I’ve done my best to ignore it and just keep on keeping on! That kind of changed last night as I was going to bed. I had been lying there for around an hour when I realised I just could not get to sleep – my throat felt parched and no amount of water was helping and then my sinuses began to feel under pressure. Cue a very restless night of sleep before an Early shift and the first shift in a row of six!

I decided on my way to work that I would do something I wouldn’t normally advocate. Namely, I purchased some extra strong cold and flu capsules and some antiseptic throat lozenges. Usually I’d go for the natural route but time isn’t on my side for that, what with Country to Capital being only 13 days away! As my day at work wore on I began to feel very tired and my limbs felt heavy and when clocking off time came I couldn’t wait to get out of there and head towards home. On the train I decided it would be unwise for me to pursue a cardio workout this evening – no pool and no run for me then! My journey home usually takes around an hour and twenty minutes so for that whole time I fought with my guilty inner athlete and eventually reached a compromise with the little demon – no cardio but no reason not to work on my core and upper. I did promise myself yesterday that I would attempt at least half an hour of this every day until I fly to Australia on March 6th and so it was that I found myself wearily changing into my workout shorts, getting out the exercise mat and picking up the dumbbells!

Thankfully, once I’d put on a bit of Sven Väth and completed my first set of sit-ups I felt pretty good. Granted, I’m writing this now feeling a lot more tired than I usually would and my limbs still feel heavy but I do feel…not better, no that wouldn’t be correct, just good. I guess it’s the old adage: “You only regret the workouts you don’t do.”

With that dear reader I shall bid you good day. I’m away to run a hot epsom salts bath, drink a ton of water and eat some tasty, mineral and iron rich food in the hope that I wake up early tomorrow feeling chipper enough for a pre-Late shift run!

Peace & Blessings

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