Saturday 28th December 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Johnny Cash – ‘Live at San Quentin’ (on the way to the pool and back)

50m warm-up (freestyle)

35 minutes in sauna/3 minute cold shower/30 minutes in steam room/3 minute cold shower


Workout Soundtrack: Surgeon – ‘Humanity Test Mix’

Weights & Core (Australia Holiday, session 1)

Today was meant to be a swim followed by an 8km trail run by headtorch. It didn’t work out that way but I’ve made the most out of it and I’d say the turn of events has been quite fortuitous.

I got to the pool to see that only one lane out of the six had been set aside for fast swimmers and there were two people already in there. I thought I’d give it a shot and observed for a short while before trying to fit into their stroke patterns and beginning my 50m warm-up. I managed most of the warm-up but had to pull up about 5 metres short because the guy in front of me was quite a bit slower than I was. The woman coming up behind me wasn’t making matters any easier either so I got out of the pool and asked an attendant if he could move a lane rope to give us some extra room – he gave me some nonsense about health & safety regulations and I tried to explain I couldn’t swim in the fast lane because there was no overtaking room, I couldn’t swim Lanes 1 and 2 because they were full of slow swimmers and Lanes 4, 5 and 6 were full with children and families playing on floats. The attendant said there was nothing he could do and pretty much shrugged his shoulders. Before I could lose my temper I decided to head directly to the sauna!

On the way up to the sauna I decided I’d do 35 minutes in there and see how I felt and if I was doing alright I would attempt 35 minutes in the steam room afterwards. It turns out I did feel great after my sauna so I had a quick and cold shower and went directly into the steam room – as the 30 minute mark approached in there I began to feel quite light headed and hungry so I called it a day 5 minutes early, showered, drank 500ml of cold water and ate a Snickers bar before drying off, changing and heading home. There was no way I could have even managed 20 laps in the pool after that intense sauna/steam session and on the walk home I could feel that my planned night run had also gone to pot – it was then that I resolved to bring forward my Australia preparations forward by 5 days!

My Australia preparation will involve combinations of the following, every day, I fly out on March 6th:

  • Sit-ups
  • Stand-ups
  • Marine crunch
  • Dorsal raise
  • Push-ups (wide & close)
  • Planks (superman & standard)
  • Squats (pistol & standard)
  • Tricep dips
  • Russian twists (holding 5kg freeweight)
  • Bicep curls (6kg dumbells in each hand)
  • Dumbell bench press (6kg dumbells in each hand)
  • Tricep extensions (using 6kg dumbell)

I’m looking forward to getting this kind of workout back into my daily routine as when I first started running back in 2011 this is something I did religiously for 30 minutes every single day! It will obviously benefit my beach body which is a big bonus but I know for a fact that this kind of daily workout will also increase my lean muscle mass and make me a better runner, swimmer and mountain biker. If you want some pointers on how to do some of the exercises listed above then just click here.

Today I started with a 25 minute session: standard plank for 2 minutes, 40 bicep curls, 40 dumbell bench press, 30 tricep extensions, 40 sit-ups, 25 wide push-ups, 25 dorsal raise and 20 russian twists. I’ll either increase the reps or the sets as the days and weeks go by – maybe a bit of both.


That’s it for today folks, I’m away to cook some quinoa, liver and broccoli!

Peace Out x

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