Monday 23rd December 2013

Workout Soundtrack: –

6.5km 27:09 (Country to City, session 2)

As it’s Christmas and I’m still feeling the Pisa Marathon in my legs I’m going to keep things short, probably until I have a few days off between January 3rd and 5th!

So, this run was undertaken wearing my Berghaus Elite as there was a real gale blowing outside with some pretty hard rain! I’m not used to running in a jacket or a smock and I honestly feel they hinder me in a way I cannot quite explain – I think I’d just rather suffer a bit and be wet with the rain than have my body temperature fluctuate due to sweating a little too much! Here’s hoping for a clear, temperate day for the Country to City Ultra on January 11th!

Today also saw me head online to shop for things I’ll need for the Ultra: so it is that I now have some Inov8 ankle gaiters, some Strawberry & Banana Power Gels, an Asics headband (to protect my head if I need to wear my torch) and what I am sure will become my pride and joy: the Salomon Advanced Skin Lab Hydro 12 running pack – cannot wait to get out running with that strapped on! I’ve left it a bit late for these bits of new kit but I think I’ll have just enough time to test them out on some training runs.

Next thing I need to sort out is a bit of deep tissue massage and some acupuncture on my left calf and right thigh – my marathon hotspots – before race day rolls around!

Peace & Blessings

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