Monday 9th December 2013

I left Somerset at around 2300hrs arriving back in London at around 0200hrs…I was up at 0530hrs and at work by 0745hrs. Needless to say that on my return home from work I promptly fell asleep!

Sunset in Bury

Sunset in Bury, Somerset.

Still, it was a cracking weekend and it made the Monday blues that much easier to cope with! The entire day washed over me as if I was watching it on the television and not really a part of it at all.

Homemade flapjacks

These are some of the best homemade flapjacks I have ever tasted. I ate a ton over the weekend and this small bag got me through my shift on Monday!

I’m off to the pool and sauna tomorrow to give my legs a bit more rest after their hilly adventures in Somerset! Wednesday and Thursday will be my final runs before the big on in Pisa on Sunday!

Peace Out x

[This was written on 10th December 2013 as, to my delight, when I arrived in Somerset I had no phone signal whatsoever and intermittent WiFi at best. A blissfully peaceful and relaxed weekend!]

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