Wednesday 4th December 2013

Workout Soundtrack: –

8.27km 33:16 (Pisa Marathon, session 38)

In from work and a sub zero temperature outside. At this stage of my marathon training that just means time for green tea, a piece of toast and a run! Discipline [get in, get straight back out], sacrifice [don’t shower straight away, do not lie down] and dedication [run  hard, rest easy]!

10 days to go until marathon time!

38 training runs completed up to this point. 5 more training runs remain…and then it’s only a mere 4 weeks until ultra time!

My mind and body are playing tricks with me now: one minute I’m buzzing and positive, the next I’m wracked with nerves and plagued with limbs that feel like lead!

Today’s run was off the pace compared to yesterday, I went through 5km in 20:00 flat. I have to say I felt much better throughout the run today but when I got home from work I felt much, much more tired than I did before I set out yesterday.

Race day can’t come soon enough!

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