Tuesday 3rd December 2013

Workout Soundtrack: – 

5km 19:53 (+1.25km untimed warm-down) (Pisa Marathon, session 37)

I got home from work and immediately went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for my next two Late shifts. Once it started simmering away I felt the time had come to put some pre-marathon mileage in the legs and to ignore the strain my calf muscles were feeling!

Hey, at the very least I’d have some quinoa to snack on when I got back!

It turns out I ran a pretty good clip for a man with a case of calf strain and a full day of work and commuting behind him! Mind you, I felt pretty awful for most of it so I’m hoping the early start in Pisa will be to my advantage – thankfully my calf muscles felt fine being hugged by compression socks as they were but I just felt quite tired and not particularly fast! Needless to say I was pretty pleased to get further under the 20:00 5km target I have recently set myself, I managed it a couple of weeks ago by 1 second so this run shows a great improvement in my opinion. I’d say it certainly shows a progression in terms of speed work and if I can make it to the line in Pisa fully fuelled, fit and healthy then I might well surprise myself!

“Big occasions and races which have been eagerly anticipated almost to the point of dread, are where great deeds can be accomplished.”

– Jack Lovelock, 1936 Olympic 1500m Champion

With that quote I shall bid you all bon nuit!

Peace & Blessings x

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