Sunday 1st December 2013

I had a pretty late night Saturday, so I managed to sleep through my alarms on Sunday morning! This gave me an hour to prepare for my day before getting out to the Late shift. As soon as I woke up and put my feet on the floor I noticed my calf muscles, particularly the right, were bordering on cramp and felt very tight and painful!

If muscles could pop my right calf would be primed to explode! I hate this as I know I should listen to my body and rest up for a few days, but with two weeks to go until marathon Go! time I’m feeling quite lazy and I’m battling with my mind almost every day at the moment:

  1. Should I actually just suck it up and get out running, or at the very least go swimming? OR
  2. Should I just take it easy and take heart in the fact that although my training for this marathon hasn’t been exactly orthodox and was mired by injury early on I have still managed to get in some decent runs and a fairly decent, if reduced, mileage count thus far?

I think it will be a mixture of both. My shift pattern is not exactly ideal 2 weeks out from the marathon: five Late shifts from 1st to 5th December and then 2 days off, followed by 4 Early shifts and then a final Late shift from 8th to 12th with one day to get my stuff together before flying out to Pisa on 14th December. At the very least I’m going to try and get in one ten miler and one 25+km run before the big day…only time [and injuries] will tell if that’s going to happen!

Peace & Blessings

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