Monday 2nd December 2013

Another lie in! Ten hours sleep – this is almost unheard of for me! I usually operate on between 5 and 7 hours a night but I guess my body is telling me that right now I need to shut down for a bit longer!

Good news today is that I definitely have some support heading over to Italy with me and I couldn’t be happier about it – it’s now going to feel like more a holiday than ‘just’ a race that happens to be taking place abroad. It will also give me a boost as I will have somebody to look out for in the crowd as I pass through the 18 to 20 mile mark – I figure that’s where I’ll need it most!

Other good news [sort of] is that I’ve reconciled with myself and I’m just going to listen to my body and do what it wants to do for the next two weeks – no forcing myself to play catch up with th mileage count, just running for the sake of running as and when my mind and body feel like it. That, and a healthy amount of swimming and sauna-ing.

I’m currently writing this on my Late shift and, just like yesterday, my right calf is still really bugging me. I may try to go out for a quick 3 to 5km test run when I get home just to test the water – I’m thinking a run might actually do some good and could serve to loosen up whatever’s going on. If I do go for a run later then rest assured the details of this will be posted at the top of this post like I usually do for Workout posts.

Until such a time, I shall bid y’all adieu.

Peace Out x

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