Saturday 30th November 2013

I was going to head out for a run with two pairs of compression socks covering my calf muscles as they are extremely tight today! However, after a little bit of reflection I realised it would probably be best if I did a little walking today with the dog. Running would on serve to exacerbate the tension and the same goes for kicking off on each lap in the pool.

I am determined to avoid serious injury before the Pisa Marathon on December 16th and also Country to Capital Ultra on January 11th! The only way I’m going to do that is by being careful, listening to my body and not paying too much mind the to the fact, last week, I seem to have had an impromptu taper! As it stands both calf muscles are tight, two of my toes on the left foot are pretty bruised up and and I may (or may not) be heading for a metatarsal stress fracture on my right foot judging by how it feels sometimes…the joys of running, eh!

Tomorrow I’m back to work having had just one day off. I’m heading into 5 consecutive Late shifts which to me means 5 consecutive night runs after work! I may as well take today as an opportunity to rest my legs…

Peace & Blessings x

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