Thursday 28th November 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Metallica – ‘Ride the Lightning’

10.86km 45:28 (Pisa Marathon, session 36) (18 days to go!)

I started out pretty strong and felt good for the first 6km or so, I believe I went through the 5km mark around 20:41. At the 6km mark I had to abruptly change direction due to heavy traffic at a crossing I would normally use; this led me to veering off course so I could cross safely and I decided it would be an idea to go as hard as I could for the 200 or so metres it would take to get back on course. Therein lay my mistake! I don’t think I was fully prepared for a hard sprint and it was shortly after getting back on course that I felt my left calf tighten up and then about 2km later the right calf began to follow suit!

Needless to say, cramp in both calves really did slow me down and began to play on my mind which possibly slowed me down a little further. I’m currently writing this at my desk, at work a day later and both calves still feel a little tight even though I massaged and compressed them last night! Therefore I have learned that I will not be putting in long surges at the actual marathon – the time has passed for practicing long break surges and I’ve simply run out of time to strengthen my calves sufficiently. With this in mind I’m really hoping that I find myself in a comfortable pack and not stranded between two packs going at different paces – this will cause me to surge if the rear pack begins to gain and will cause me to surge to keep up with the front pack if need be – I hate being caught in between and I hate being overtaken by big groups!

All in all, 6 days off running really didn’t do me too much good! My legs felt trashed and I felt really tired even after such a moderatly paced, moderate distance run. I am now definitely a lot more focused again – no more six day stints with no running, I simply don’t have that as an option with 17/18 days to go. However, because of the calf issue I will be going swimming tonight and hitting the sauna for a good while!

Peace & Blessings x

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