Monday 25th November 2013

I had a really, really positive meeting with a Paramedic Practice Educator from London Ambulance Service. We met after our respective Early shifts for an informal chat in a North London pub. Que entertaining chatter about the job, the lifestyle and the fact we had a lot in common! It is, without doubt, 100% that I’ve found my calling!

I love the idea of the challenge and being able to make a tangible difference to society on every shift. You get to cover the whole gamut of life and death: mental health, paediatrics, trauma, helping the elderly, obstetricss – like I said, the whole gamut! Added to all of that I am enamoured by the amount of responsibility, autonomy, freedom and clinical nous required to do the job well – the thought of it all fills me with a sense of excitement bordering on foreboding! I really cannot wait to get out there on the road, begin my training and then start to specialise. For once in my life I am beginning to see the benefit of working in and living around London – the London Ambulance Service (LAS) is looked at with a degree of reverence both in this country and abroad, a little like the NYFD is in firefighting terms; after a few years on the road with LSA the world is your oyster!

It seems that I may be able to start my training a lot earlier, and for a lot cheaper, than I had previously thought thanks to the LAS Apprentice Paramedic program! In fact, I’d be paid more than I am now to do something I’d love a whole lot more and that would provide much better long term prospects and security. Result.

Furthermore, it is quite possbile that I’ll be able to do an observer shift before the end of the year and in addition to that I might be lucky enough to attend the London Helicopter Emergency Service (HEMS) Clinical Audit day in early January. I’ve been doing about five or six weeks o pre-med reading so far and learned a fair bit about anatomy, physiology and common procedures so the Clincial Audit will be interesting but will no doubt push my learning further! I hope to come away from it having learned some valuable stuff for the future!

The future is bright, the future is promising, the future is looking exciting!

Peace & Blessings

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