Thursday 21st November 2013

Workout Soundtrack: –

7.34km 29:15 (Pisa Marathon, session 34)

Well, well, well. I decided to head out for a gentle run this evening after work and so I set off at 23:41 having put the last of five Late shifts in a row behind me and ended up having a fantastic run. It was just cathartic. I ran in the road for the vast majority and my route was predominantly lit by the moon as the street lamps, for the most part, had been switched off.

My breathing was right, my cadence was right, I ran with a smile from start to finish and to top it off I somehow managed to run 5km in under 20:00 without even putting my mind to it! Granted, I ran 19:59 but from 4km to 4.5km was a fairly long and grinding uphill section – who knows what might have happened if I’d have opted for the flatter section branching off to my left at 3.8km?! I’m elated to have got a sub 20:00 under my belt before I head off out to Pisa and this run has really buoyed up my spirit! It’s been so long since I’ve ran comfortably and averaged sub 3:59 per klick over a route – I really hope this is the beginning of an upward curve in my performance.

After the five shifts I’ve put in at work since Sunday I know that I’ve definitely earned myself a little extra sleep over the coming days and after tonight’s run I know I’m going to sleep like a baby and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. The plan for tomorrow is to run a ten miler and the rest of the weekend will fall into place from there – no run on Saturday and a long run (distance TBC) on Sunday. It’s seems the universe has gifted me with a pre-marathon tailwind because I’m feeling much more confident with every run this past week or so!

It’s now 01:08 so I’m going to sign off and hit the hay dear reader. Here’s to the weekend!

Peace & Blessings x


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