Tuesday 19th November 2013

Workout Soundtrack: –

9.35km 38:40 (Pisa Marathon, session 33)

After a long and pretty intense Late shift at work I could think of nothing better to do on returning home than getting out on the road for a run. Never mind that it was -2°C and my body was telling me to sit down and veg out for a while – my brain was telling me I needed some space, some peace and some quiet and I needed no more encouragement than that after missing out on my usual pre-Late shift run this morning! [I was catching up on some house work that I left over the weekend. Y’know the stuff; fresh bed linen, dusting, hoovering etc.]

I feel into a nice rhythm very quickly, in fact much quicker than usual. The air was crisp, the sky was clear and my way was lit by the moon as most of the streets in my neighbourhood turn off automatically between 2330 and 0000hrs – I really was enjoying myself over the first mile and that almost never happens! I occasionally glanced up at the moon and held my gaze on it for a while as the streets were devoid of life. I saw two people and about three cars in nearly forty minutes of suburban road running and because of all of these factors this is a run that will stay with me for a while – in fact, I’ll probably end up doing a few more post-Late shift night runs just chasing this feeling of freedom and escapism!

With regard to the timing of my run, splits, averages and overall I can safely say that I’m not going to be getting any quicker any time soon. After comparing and contrasting my last few runs I realise that it will be highly unlikely that I get under 20:00 for my 5km and consequently even less likely that I’ll be beating any of my previously set personal bests before March next year – the reality is that I need to get back to some more structured sessions if I want to get back to my previous speed and ability. Next year will definitely see the return of such punishing workouts as mile repeats, 400m and 800m intervals and some up and down the clock work. On top of this I will more than likely reintroduce some warm-up drills to focus on technique and some sprints to keep the legs firing on all cylinders. It’s amazing what a good run can do to reinvigorate the soul and, as I mentioned yesterday, I most definitely still love running and this run has only clarified and solidified that fact. I’m feeling pretty fired up about putting together a workable, structured training plan after I’ve had a couple of weeks of downtime post-ultra!

My recommendation to you dear reader, if you’re feeling like you’re losing your mojo a little, is mix it up. Go for a run that you haven’t done for a while: a new route, a night run, a wave tempo, a track session, whatever! Just get out there and do it because I assure you once you get back from that workout you’ll feel the love you felt for running that you thought you’d lost and it’ll be fresher and stronger than before!

Peace & Blessings x


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