Monday 19th November 2013

Sorry for the lazy posts and lack of daily updates of late!

I’ve been far more sociable and leading a life away from my shift pattern and training schedule for once – I must say that the blog way fall by the wayside a little in the future as I’ve enjoyed being a little more flexible, it could be that I post a weekly update or just post about workouts and not my rest and recovery or days off. We’ll see, I might just keep at it the way I have been. Who knows?!

What I do know is that I’m loving not constantly stressing about how I’m going to fit in a workout on top of my working day, worrying about ‘bad’ or missed workouts and nor I am I stressing about self imposed blogging deadlines!

Sometimes you just have to relax a little and to be honest marathon stress and doubt had been creeping in a little. I guess you could say I’ve started an early taper before the big day but, make no mistake; I’m not backing out! Just because my blogging has slowed down does not mean my love for running mile after mile has abated. In fact it’s quite the opposite; I seem to be enjoying my runs a lot at the moment! Once a runner…

With that dear reader, I shall leave you for today.

Peace Out x

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