Saturday 16th November 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Hoods – ‘Pray for Death’

8.5km 36:25 (Pisa Marathon, session 32)

Running is a cruel mistress sometimes. It took me a lot to get motivated today as I’m feeling a little tired and I had a nagging worry that I might hurt myself before going to a wedding reception later this evening…that, and it’s cold, grey and drizzling outside.

I did motivate myself in the end and pulled on my running tights, thin gloves and Inov8 X233. I decided to head out for a nice easy effort, 5 miles (8km) was the original target. It took me quite a while to find my stride as my legs felt heavy and unresponsive for the first 3km or so – checking my Garmin shows that, actually, the first 4km were my fastest for average pace so I don’t know what’s up with that?! Anyway, I finally found a comfortable breathing and stride pattern and kind of let the road take me where it wanted. As I approached the 7km mark I decided to push out past 5 miles and head for a 10 miler and this is where the cruel mistress reared her head!

I picked up the pace a little and as soon as I did I suddenly felt the onset of a bit of chafe. As we all know, chafe is an unpleasant experience but often we will just run through it and deal with the matter later in the day once we’ve finished running! Alas, as I mentioned earlier I have a wedding reception to go to later so I began to slow my pace and made an about turn to head for home. Immediately I started to feel like my run was a lost cause and got that heavy, guilty feeling I sometimes get when I decide to occasionally skip a workout altogether. I ran to 8.5km and then stopped about 1km short of home – head hanging I walked that kilometre home to avoid worsening any chafe! On the one hand, great, I actually managed to avoid it pretty much but on the other I cut short what would have been a decent run but that would have ended in pain of one sort or another.

…and then I found there was no hot water for a shower so now here I sit waiting for the boiler to do its job so I can wash away 8.5 klicks and some residual tiredness!

It’s not all bad, I did run, I did enjoy it (for the most part) and as they say “You only regret the workouts you don’t do!” With that quote I will leave you for the day; I’m off to eat, do some ironing and wait for the damn water to heat up!

Peace Out x

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