Thursday 14th November 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Björk – ‘Debut’ (on the way to the pool and on the way back)

50m warm-up (freestyle)

40x25m 18:48  (PR) (freestyle)

100m warm-down (freestyle/breaststroke/freestyle/breaststroke)

I woke up. I argued with myself: ‘run or swim, swim or run’. I settled on swim. I’m glad I did!

Somehow, without even thinking about it, I took a minute off my previous PR/PB for 40x25m!! The pool was quiet with only one other swimmer in the fast lanes and we managed to synchronise our laps well enough so that we didn’t ever get in the way of one another – this is an achievement in itself! Although I wasn’t thinking about taking down my record which has stood since September 26th I did get in the pool determined to swim well and to swim under 20:00 for the workout.

It was only around the 34 lap mark that I made a brief check of my watch, what I saw was encouraging and I consciously picked up the pace from this point. I absolutely hammered my last 3 laps and I had a good feeling that when I touched the wall on lap 40 I would be looking at a pretty decent time – when I saw 18:48 it took a little while to register before a big grin spread across my face – I took my swimming cap off and did a very slow freestyle lap followed by a very slow breaststroke lap. I could feel the exertion in my arms and shoulders after these two laps so my final two warm down laps may have been even slower! At this point I didn’t mind as the swimmer I mentioned previously had just got out of the pool.

After getting out of the pool and tending to my goggles and swim cap I meandered slowly, in a bit of a smiley daze, toward the sauna. Not much to report here apart from I had a very relaxed twenty five minutes of peace and quiet…and then somebody set off the emergency alarm in the steam room next door – this woke me from my daze and I jumped up to see if I might be able to help! On entering the steam room I found that it was a false alarm. I’ll admit I was relieved when I realised that I was responding to an emergency which I probably would not currently have the skills to manage! So, after the two Lifeguard attendees had decided that all was in order and left I sat down and chatted happily with the two ladies who were already in there. It was a pretty unusual way to end my workout for the day but it was great to have a laugh and to make two new friends 🙂

From there I headed straight to my Late shift at work. It was long. It was tiring. It was Team Meeting day. It’s 2346hrs and I’ve only been home for 20 minutes. Thank the higher power that I have two days off!

Peace & Blessings x

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