Wednesday 13th November 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Hatebreed – ‘Satisfaction is the Death of Desire’

5km 20:06 (Pisa Marathon, session 31a)


Workout Soundtrack: Buju Banton – ”Til Shiloh’

5km 21:19 (Pisa Marathon, session 31b)

After a long and very productive day at work I was feeling pretty great on my return home. In my line of work it’s great to feel like you’ve actually helped people to take control of their situations a little and also made in roads into getting people to take some responsibility for their actions instead of blaming myriad factors, all but themselves!

I was determined to, at the very least, better my 20:07 5km yesterday! Well, I finished my first repeat in 20:06 and although I was slightly gutted when I realised I was still not under the 20:00 minute mark I finished the repeat with a big smile and promptly sat down on the asphalt to catch my breath and stretch out before getting up again two minutes later and repeating the process!

I realised quite quickly into the second repeat that I wasn’t going to be getting under 20:00 and it would have been miraculous had I matched or even come near to the first effort. Therefore I decided to take it a little easier and to enjoy the sounds of Buju Banton and the feeling of physical exertion coursing through my veins. As Buju might say I was on a “run like a champion”; that is I was using my second repeat as a bit of a victory lap to celebrate achieving something I had set out to do about half an hour to forty minutes beforehand!

Tomorrow I’m on the Late shift which means it will probably a quieter and less productive shift. However, this does mean I’ll be able to get in 500 or 1000m in the pool and a session in the sauna before heading out. It’s my last shift of the rotation and I’m set to enjoy Friday and Saturday without any shifts to get in my way…shame about Sunday’s Late shift breaking up what would have been a very welcome three day stretch away from working in mental health! Oh well, next week I’m set for just that: Friday, Saturday and Sunday with nowt to do but run, swim, read and chill…oh and to attend both semi-finals of the Rugby League World Cup at Wembley Stadium!

I’m off for a well earned bite to eat and rest! Until the ‘morrow dear reader I wish you adieu 🙂

Peace Out x

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