Tuesday 12th November 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Kevin Saunderson – ‘Defected in the House’

9.36km 39:05 (Pisa Marathon, session 30)

Regular readers will know I’ve been trying to get under 20:00 for my 5km of late because I’ve not managed that for a long, long time! Today I got much closer, just 7 seconds slower than I needed to be – I know once I get 19:59 or below it won’t be long before I’m knocking out my PR which currently stands at 17:57…all of this focus on my 5km and I’m flying to Italy in 32 days for my first marathon! I think I’m focusing on the shortest of my distances just to keep myself fresh and fast for the marathon – I’d be worried if I was solely focusing on this and ditching my long runs in favour of repeats and pure speed sessions but that’s not the case so it’s all good in the ‘hood [I hope]!

Yesterday I posted that I had a lot of muscle pain around my right hand rib cage/side and I wondered if it would effect my run today. I can confirm that although I’m not sure how I’ve managed to cause the damage it didn’t really effect my run too much – the only thing I found more uncomfortable than usual was when I had to navigate left turns or bends as it pulled on the muscles in question. As I averaged 4:10 per km over the distance it obviously wasn’t that bad at all and I think as long as I keep a close eye on any deterioration I should be fine! On the subject of pacing during the run I was very pleased to see that, on review, I ran 3 of the 9 klicks in under 4:00 and the rest of them weren’t far over (bar a disappointing 6th klick at 4:46).

I’m looking forward to pushing it again tomorrow, I can feel that sub 20:00 5km getting closer and along with it I could potentially take down my 5 mile (31:51) too – after 8km of pushing it though I don’t think I’d likely carry on to take down my 10km (37:36) as well…but you never know!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and, hopefully, my blog. I really appreciate the support I feel just from you guys from around the world (predominately the UK and US) taking a look and hopefully taking something positive away!

On that note, dear reader, I bid you bon soir! 🙂

Peace & Blessings

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