Saturday 9th November 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Janis Joplin – ‘I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmic Blues Again Mama!’

16.11km 1:12:48 (Pisa Marathon, session 29)

It was peeing with rain, cold and miserable outside when I got up this morning and this did absolutely nothing good for my mood! Talk about seasonal affective disorder – I was sad! It took me ages to get going and I decided to put aside all notions of any sort of workout, even a trip to the sauna was off the cards. Instead I decided to be ‘normal’ for a day. That said I went to visit my Dad for a while and left him with my dog for a few hours while I did some grocery shopping, a bit of window shopping and then went to check out my friend’s new business: The LP Cafe. Going to the cafe and hanging out with some people I haven’t seen for quite a while proved to be the remedy to my mood, around 1430hrs I decided it was time to head back to collect the dog before heading out for a run!

A run can be such a transformative thing. On my way home the heavens opened once more and my mood plummeted with the rain drops! I literally had to force myself to switch my brain off and don my running gear, thankfully once I got outside and my Garmin picked up a satellite the rain had abated, it then stopped about 1km into the run which made all the difference and picked up my mood significantly – in fact, it began to soar like Janis Joplin hitting the high notes! It had been my [moody] intention to get a 10km run done, thus saving myself from having to have stern words with myself about failing to run further than 6.3km all week. My intention, however, got lost somewhere around the 9km mark and I decided to just keep on running. I changed direction and headed further away from home and soon grabbed hold of the notion that I would run a ten miler – to date, this is the furthest I’ve test my Invo8 Road X233 and I have to say now I’m sitting here and writing, my toes feel a little battered but thankfully my calves and all the other mechanisms of my legs feel fine – next week I’m going to push them up to 13.1 miles and see what happens! If they can handle that then they can handle the marathon! So, to sum it up, not the fastest run but a very enjoyable and transformative experience: from foul mood to great mood all in the space of one hour, twelve minutes and 16 klicks.

Now it’s time to boil up some quinoa, eat a chicken thigh or two and graze of some broccoli before settling down to watch World War Z with my housemate – we’re on a bit of a Zombiefest these past two days as we’ve watched the two latest episodes of The Walking Dead and Dawn of the Dead yesterday! Early shift tomorrow and a scheduled rest day to boot – can’t complain 🙂

Peace & Blessings x

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