Wednesday 6th November 2013

Workout Soundtrack: –

6.3km 26:31 (Pisa Marathon, session 27)

My New Balance Tempo 2.0 long sleeve shirt had arrived when I got home from work so without fanfare I took it from the packaging, pulled on my shorts and was out of the door and running within 5 minutes of returning from work!

I was feeling pretty tired all the way home so I knew that I didn’t want to push out too far this evening so I opted for pushing hard up to 5km and trying to get under 20:00 for that distance before cruising the rest of the way home. I cannot remember the last time I ran sub 20:00 for 5km and it’s been playing on my mind for some reason lately! My PB is 17:57 which I set back in September 2012 just before getting 2 stress fractures in metatarsal shafts 3 and 4 on the left foot. I’m too scared to look back through my MapMyRun entries to see when my last sub 20:00 was but as far as I’m aware it was sometime in December 2012 or late January 2013!

Anyway, with all that said I didn’t end up running under 20 for the 5km or cruising the last 1.3km back to my house – after missing my 5km goal I just kept up the pace and did my best to increase it a little too. I went through the 5km mark in 21:17 and was averaging around 4:05 per km, I went through 6km averaging the same and over the final 300 metres I was averaging 3:44 per km – when I looked down and saw that on my Garmin, and felt that my breathing wasn’t laboured, I did consider pushing on to 7km to see if I could keep the average down but sense (and hunger) prevailed and I pulled up outside my front door!

I’m sitting here typing this about ten minutes after returning from the run and I’m now beginning to feel ravenous and most definitely in need of a shower and some relaxation! So, with that dear reader I’m calling time on today’s post. Tomorrow is a late shift so I may head to the pool and sauna before work…or I might just have another go at getting under 20:00 over 5km!

Peace & Blessings

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