Tuesday 5th November 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Robert Hood – ‘Fabric 39’

10.2km 45:14 (Pisa Marathon, session 26)

Sorry for yesterday’s lazy post! I had 40 minutes of sleep before an Early shift and by the time I got back from work (after staying for an extra hour and twenty minutes) I was absolutely shattered…so shattered, in fact, that I actually titled yesterday’s post as ‘Tuesday 4th November 2014’ which I only just noticed and have now corrected!

Anyway, on to today…

It is most definitely winter. Yup, winter has arrived. It’s dark when I wake up for my Early shift and it’s dark when I get home. It’s also cold. Hence my recent order of a New Balance High Visibility Tempo Long Sleeve. Because it didn’t arrive in time for tonight’s run I increased my visibility to road users by putting my white singlet over my slate grey Rab baselayer, it’s not something I would normally do as I don’t like layering up for my training runs – it makes me hotter and sweatier than usual and, depending on the garments, decreases my movement on the run which causes my shoulders to stiffen up sometimes. Anyway, this evening’s clothing combination turned out alright…mainly because it’s still not cold enough for me to consider 3/4 or full length tights, nope, I’m still out there in my short shorts and compression socks (not for warmth I might add). It is cold enough for my thin set of running gloves though because I hate cold hands when I’m running, I find it a massive distraction and they can become quite painful.

Anyway, my run this evening was going really well until I hit the 7.3km mark and got cramp in my right side. This forced me to slow my pace quite a bit and for a time I felt like slowing altogether and walking! Thankfully this didn’t happen and I cruised along at 5:00 per km for a kilometre or thereabouts – I made sure that I ran the final 1.2km with some gusto to make up for it though and finished with a big grin as I sprinted down the home stretch 😀 It’s a shame I got side cramp though because I was moving at a decent clip until that point and it made me miss one of my favourite bits of road to run on – freshly laid, flat and in a quiet residential area so you rarely even see a car! Okay, so I didn’t miss it, but it didn’t feel right ambling along it at ultra pace!

As the Pisa Marathon is rapidly approaching I am trying to start running longer in my Inov8 Road X233 as they are the shoes I’d like to use over in Italy. I’m also beginning to think I might need to invest in some thigh length compression shorts to reduce chafe that I seem to be getting from my short shorts now the weather is getting colder and wetter – not long left to experiment on the long runs though so I need to start off by actually buying some 3/4 tights (in case it’s very cold over in Pisa on race day) and some thigh length compression shorts! Aside from that I think I’ll race in my usual trainer liner socks and not compression but I will have my racing/training and recovery pairs in my luggage and on stand-by in case of the need for last minute alterations to the plan!

Well, after a bit of rest and some discussions at work I now feel a lot more clear headed and much better about the direction my career, and my future, is taking. This means I now feel able to focus on my running again – the mojo has definitely returned in the past 24 hours or so and I cannot really express how good it feels to be back to something resembling normal!

I hope the day has treated you well dear reader, thanks for taking the time to read through! Until the ‘morrow I bid thee bon nuit 🙂

Peace & Blessings x

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