Sunday 3rd November 2013

I don’t know if it’s because I’m trying to sort out my future career path, if it’s because I feel a little under the weather or if it’s because I’m just being lazy but for some reason my running (and general workout) mojo has abandoned me this weekend. My last run and proper workout was Thursday and that was a fairly slow 8.5km.

Yesterday I signed off by saying “…today’s workout was such a washout I’ll want to make up for it, no doubt!” Well, I woke up today and looked over to where I’d put out my long running gear the night before – shorts, long sleeve baselayer, ultra pouch and breakfast PowerBar Energize – and my first thought was ‘No.’ Normally if I’m going to get in a run on a day off (like today) or before a Late shift I’ll get straight out of bed, into my running gear and be out of the door within twenty minutes. This morning though I just lay there answering e-mails from my phone, watching a 24 hour news channel and generally being lazy and doing what I imagine non-runners do on a Sunday morning.

It’s now lunch time and I’ve returned my running gear to where it normally lives and I’ve just about started to consider what to do with my day. It’s quite possible I’ll head to the sauna at some point but that’s not a given either – I’m going into London to meet a friend at 1830hrs so before then I need to walk the dog, get my hair cut and eat some lunch. That said, the probability of me hitting the sauna and pool today is actually quite small. It really does look like I’m throwing in the towel this weekend!

I said at the end of yesterday’s post that I had no doubts I’d  make up for my poor workout today and I was about to say the same thing about today. However, I’m not jinxing myself – it could be that tomorrow I get back from work, lace up and get out for a decent run but it could be that I need a little more time to pull myself together and refocus again. To be honest, I think my recent decision to change career path is affecting me as there is a lot for me to research, consider and arrange – not least of all is the management of my finances to retrain as a Paramedic.

One of the e-mails I was answering this morning was about this very issue; although I have a BA and an MSc I still need to undertake further study before I can enrol on either an FdSc or BSc in Paramedic Science. Not only has this stretched my timeframe but it has also got me wondering if I can actually afford to retrain! Initially I wanted to enrol on a course in September 2014 but to do so I would need to reach pre-requisite qualifying standards by the end of January 2014 and this is not possible even with hard work, total focus and all consuming effort! Therefore it looks as though I won’t be able to begin Paramedic training until September 2015. Right now I’m still looking into the other options on the table but I do think I’m going to do the extra study required but with the knowledge that I may have become a Police Officer (application lodged, selection ongoing, find out in September 2014) or Fire Fighter (recruitment begins sometime in 2014) before September 2015 rolls around.

Maybe a long run would help to unravel my thought processes…

Peace Out x

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