Sunday 3rd November 2013 [Part II]

Workout Soundtrack: Bane – ‘Holding This Moment’

6.5km 27:25 (Pisa Marathon, session 25)

This post is dedicated to my running friends on Twitter for being so very supportive and inspirational! At one time or another I have found just what I needed from one or more of you to get out there and keep on keeping on: way to provide some motivation!

Today I posted about how I was feeling sans-mojo and was soon spurred into action by Chris Fulcher:

Sometimes all you need is a little push from your peers!

Sometimes all you need is a little push from your peers!

The run was great and it felt good to clear off the cobwebs. I was right as well, the first mile didn’t feel that great but after that it was plain sailing and I enjoyed myself. I put on what I like to call my 5k PB album too; Bane’s ‘Holding This Moment’ – I’ve set my 5k PB twice to this soundtrack and I looked to be on course for doing the same again this afternoon…until I ran into a rather large hill that took it right out of me around the 3.5km mark! It was a struggle to keep the pace up after that but I still managed a fairly respectable 20:52 for the 5km! Alas, it was nowhere near my PB of 17:57 but I’m nowhere near the peak of my abilities at the moment – next year I aim to better my 5km and half marathon PBs and if the 10km and 10 mile PBs fall along the way I won’t be complaining!

So, that’s it, my mojo has returned and I feel far more relaxed about everything after going for a run than I did before putting it off/avoiding it/not going for one at all! No long run this weekend but maybe I’ll fit one in during the week or just push out a little further next weekend – the main thing is that I’ve at least been out there and got the mojo monkey off my back!

I’m going to leave you all with one of my favourite songs to run to:

Peace & Blessings x

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