Saturday 2nd November 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Johnny Cash & June Carter – ‘Carryin’ On’

50m warm-up (freestyle)

8×25 03:40

For some unknown reason I slept through all of my alarms today and ended up getting out of bed at 1230hrs! I guess I must have needed the rest?! I spent most of the morning cooking curry to eat later this evening with my Dad and trying to build up the motivation to run long. That motivation never came and I’ve felt pretty lethargic all day.

After attending to my cooking I decided if I couldn’t motivate myself to run, at the very least I could motivate myself to attend to household chores which I haven’t done since before my birthday last weekend! That being the case I’m now sitting in an immaculately clean room at a pristine and tidy desk – I cannot begin to explain the joy that this brings to me. After I’d completed my house chores I decided I’d try and get Loki out for a walk before all the Guy Fawkes fireworks began in earnest…and to my surprise he actually wanted to go out! We had a very relaxing early evening, pre-sunset walk across the fields and made it home just before the first firework of many exploded into life.

After building him a den to hide in I sat down and began to make my first foray into my medical text books in preparation for retraining as a Paramedic. After about forty minutes of intense concentration and note taking it dawned on me that I have a lot to learn before I can even begin to think about medical intervention to save life and that challenge fills me with a mixture of dread and excitement! I honestly cannot wait to start the real training in September next year (subject to being accepted onto a course). It’s still early days but I think I’d like to eventually specialise in either pediatric critical care or pre-hospital trauma management – I guess time will tell and the specialism will choose me?! EXCITING TIMES!

Anyway, after all of my exercise/workout avoidance I thought it would be best for me to put down the books, pat the dog on the head and reassure him and then head on out to the sauna and the pool. I arrived to find the sauna was quite full and a lively and (thankfully) funny discussion was taking place between three guys about their children and how they all seem to be growing up too quickly! I stayed in the sauna for forty minutes and I would have stayed longer had I not run out of water and began to feel quite light headed. I hopped out, took a quick cold shower and headed down to the pool. I took on about 1/4 litre of water before jumping in for my warm-up but after my 50m warm-up and 2 laps into my actual workout I began to feel quite unwell – my stomach was churning and I could hear my heart beating in my ears. Highly unusual for me and not something I’ve previously experienced.

I pulled up at lap 8, took off my swimming cap and goggles and noticed the heart beat slowly start to recede only to be replaced with a dull headache – my stomach was still in a bit of a mess too. I stood there in the shallow end breathing deeply for a couple of minutes and my stomach quietened down, at this point I popped my swim cap back on and started off on another lap – I got halfway up the pool when I just felt like I couldn’t go on any longer. My head hurt, my stomach had started again and my heart beat seemed louder in my ears than before! I decided to get out of the pool as I really didn’t want to have to be fished out by a Life Guard. I’m sitting typing this with a slight headache but the rest of my symptoms have passed – I’m putting it down to dehydration as I’ve had about a litre of water and a homemade fruit smoothie (dairy free, obviously) since getting back.

Tomorrow I hope I can find the motivation to get up earlier and go for a run before heading into London to meet with a friend for some red wine and sushi! I think I’ll manage it – today’s workout was such a washout I’ll want to make up for it, no doubt!

Peace & Blessings x

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