Thursday 31st October 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Brood Audio Podcast (BAP095) – ‘Mixed by Lex Gorrie’

8.51km 35:50 (Pisa Marathon, session 24)

This morning’s run was wonderful, if not a little slow! The reduction in speed came at around the 4km mark when I started to get cramp in my right side. Instead of stopping to breathe it out and stretch a little I reduced my pace as I would do in a race – I absolutely hate stopping and losing the momentum of a good run!

Today was a road run and because of the time of day the pavements were pretty much clear of all other humans which made it more of a joy than usual as I really do not like running past people at speed; I seem to have this unnatural fear that they might lash out if I startle them! I’ve also had bad experience of pavement cyclists during some of my road runs; I have been shouted at on numerous occasions for refusing to stop or move onto the road to allow a pavement cyclist to pass – do they not know that (a) on the pavement the pedestrian has right of way and (b) it is actually illegal to use the pavement on a bicycle?!

Aside from verbals I’ve also been hit by cyclists twice, the first time was a head on collision in which both the cyclist and I were lucky not to have clashed heads and ended up with serious head injuries (in fact, cyclist was fine, I ended up with a broken toe and bruised abdomen). The second time was less painful but more startling; as I was running along a cyclist came up alongside as I was drifting towards the road and we just collided side by side – they went over and I fell right on top! Anyway, that is a bit of a random tangent! As I said, the pavements were peaceful this morning and now you know why I’m thankful for that 🙂

I always find a good run before work makes my shift either pass quicker or just seem a lot less stressful than it can be if I haven’t had a run, swim or sauna session beforehand. My colleagues always remark that I seem a lot brighter on the days when I’ve got in a pre-shift run. In fact, they notice such a difference that they have tried to persuade me on a number of occasions to get up earlier before an Early shift to fit one in. Sorry guys, there is no way I’m sacrificing an hour in bed and waking up before 0530hrs! On the subject of work and running, I noted today that the distance from my home to work is 16 miles via road and through some of London’s parks so I’m going to plan one of my long runs for after a weekend Early shift – it should be fun as I have no real idea of where I’m heading, just that I need to head north west and try to avoid ending up on a dual carriageway or the motorway if at all possible!

That’s it for today dear reader, I’m signing off and getting back to the remanants of my Late shift. I hope you have all enjoyed Halloween – don’t eat too much crap!

Peace & Blessings x

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