Wednesday 30th October 2013

I opted for a lazy morning before starting my Late shift – no sauna and swim and no run planned for today either. I figured I’d give my chafe a little bit more time to cool off before my next run! Tomorrow I plan to head out for an 8km in the early morning fog and will hopefully have enough time to follow it up with a half hour in the sauna before work. This is where having a decent running pack would come in handy I feel as I’d be able to pack a towel and some deodorant and then end my run at the local leisure centre. I’m still looking into packs though. I just cannot decide between Salomon 5, 10 or 12L packs – whichever one I go for is going to be upwards of £100 unless I can find an awesome deal on eBay or elsewhere on the interweb which, judging by recent research, is unlikely.

I’m using these couple of pre-work rest and recovery hours to look further into Paramedic training – costs, commitments and such like. Thanks to a friend of mine I will be going along as an observer on a shift with the London Ambulance Service in the New Year and that will either make or break my plan! I hope the shift I end up observing is varied and has a few incidents that, at the moment, I’m not sure I could handle. For instance, I don’t know if I could remain calm and level headed whilst trying to deliver a baby on a busy High Street or if I could try to save the life of somebody who has jumped in front of a train and who is somehow still conscious – will the blood, noise, smells and pressure get to me in such a way that I lose my crisis management skills and I suddenly become part of the problem as opposed to the solution?! Well, I’ve always said I learn best by being thrown in at the deep end and that tactic hasn’t failed me yet. Additionally, I have learned over the past year or so to really utilise positive thought and visualisation to temper my nerves and significantly reduce anxiety so I reckon that will count for something! We will see anyway as I don’t believe in putting all of my eggs in one basket – I also have three other career plans if I don’t feel the Paramedic thing will work out: fire fighter, mental health nurse or teacher (in that order). Watch this space!

Well, that’s it from me today dear reader. Thanks for taking the time to read through my post. As regular readers will know, I really do appreciate the fact that people out there read what I write – it gives me confidence to continue not only writing but also running, swimming and generally getting out there and pushing my body and mind when I have the chance!

Peace & Blessings x

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