Tuesday 29th October 2013

Chafe. Not something I’m prone to usually. However, I did not apply enough Vaseline for yesterday’s long, wet and cold run and today I am paying for it!

I didn’t think it was so bad yesterday as I was on a bit of a post-run high I think. But this morning, man oh man! Both of my nipples feel raw and my thighs just do not bear mentioning – jeans at work was an extremely poor clothing choice this morning! I have been doing my best to walk around nonchalant all day but all I kept saying to myself was ‘Just get through this, when you get home your comfy sweatpants and loose t-shirt await!’…12 hours after leaving home for work I arrive home to the safety and comfort of aforementioned garments.

That being said; aside from the chafe I have absolutely no other complaints after my longest run of my debut marathon/ultra training to date. Ace.

Needless to say, I won’t be running, swimming or hitting the sauna today. Nope. For me it’s a couple of beers, a couple of episodes of ‘The Walking Dead’ and an early night which should hopefully allow my body to heal. Please God, let it help my body heal!

In other news, I’ve read three articles that got my attention today so I thought I’d post them for your reading pleasure:

‘Keep it Simple, yo! Distance training from 5k to 50k’

“…a day of high drama as a legendary Brazilian surfer nearly died, only to be rescued by a friend, who then went on to ride one of the biggest waves ever seen – possibly even topping the mythical 100 feet…”

‘The No Fall Zone: skiing the seven summits’

That’s it for today dear reader! Hope Tuesday has treated you all well 🙂

Peace Out x

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