Wednesday 23rd October 2013

Workout Soundtrack: –

8.26km 35:08 (Pisa Marathon, session 21)

I needed my run today as I really, really needed to clear my head after a pretty tough couple of days at work. I found out towards the end of my shift today that a colleague from another organisation was stabbed by a client on Friday afternoon and had to be airlifted to hospital – thankfully he’s doing well and back home now but it’s pretty harrowing news. It could happen to any of us working on the front line of mental health service provision and when it happens so close to home that vague notion suddenly becomes a hard reality.

So, naturally I very much enjoyed my road run once I got into the swing of things. It was dark, cool, slightly breezy and the pavements were empty which are good conditions for concentrating solely on the matter at hand – running fast, consistent and steady. After about two klicks my head was pretty much empty of all thoughts, occasionally something would pop in to my head to do with what I said in the previous paragraph but it was soon pushed aside by the joy of the run. I think I enjoyed it so much because of the realisation that dawned on me earlier in the office; you just never know when your last run might be, when your last sip of coffee or shared joke might be. We should all feel blessed that we are able to experience life from the minute we wake up, to the minute we fall asleep!

Anyway, I’d love to write more about running and how my training is going now that I’ve put my injury behind me but as you can probably tell from the past few posts my mind is really all over the place at the moment! Running is more of an escape than a focused training plan right now and I really am loving [almost] every kilometre and mile that passes by. I think it’s only fair that I elucidate on some of the things that are on my mind before I sign off and I promise that soon enough I’ll be back to my focused style of writing. So, in no particular order, right now I’m feeling a little lost on my career path, a little lonely as I approach 30 years old with no significant other to speak of and a little under pressure to keep my Dad and my brother with smiles on their faces and positive thoughts in their heads! It’s all just normal stuff really and I know that everything will be alright in the end – it’s not like I’m sitting idly by and letting the world wash over me, no, I’m taking steps to address all of the issues I mentioned – it’s just that right now I could really do with a break! Thank the higher power that I’m off on holiday to Italy on December 14th!

And with that dear reader I will sign off for today. Stay positive out there people and remember to count yourself lucky each time you wake up in the morning with the day ahead of you!

Peace, love and unity people x

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