Sunday 20th October 2013

After yesterday evenings festivities I decided to sleep in late this morning before getting up and heading for the late shift at work. This meant that I had no time at all for any kind of cardio workout – swim, bike or run – and I certainly had no time to hang out in the sauna which is quickly becoming part of my daily routine. I’m not going to lie – it felt great to switch of the alarm this morning, roll over and then almost instantly fall back to sleep!

So, today marks the second day in a row of ‘Rest & Recovery’ and, after rolling out of bed this morning, I have had to remind myself a number of times that this is okay! R&R is just as important as logging the miles and ticking off the Ks – sometimes it’s good to just kick back, relax and give your body time and space to adjust to the changes that impact on it when you put it through the mill on an almost daily basis!

I can honestly say – after talking myself out of going for a run during my half hour break at work and then again talking myself out of going for a road run when I got in from work at around 2315hrs – I feel much better and brighter than I did a few days ago! I’ve had no sign of any trouble in the L3 spinal nerve region and my legs feel fresh…clearly this means they are now fair game for some more thrashing and as tomorrow is my day off I’m planning on a mixed trail and road run before I head off to the sauna 🙂

Remember kids, all work[out] and no play makes life a grind! It’s all good to let the hair down and leave the running shoes by the door sometimes!

On that note, until the ‘morrow, I’m out!

Peace Out x

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