Friday 18th October 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Metallica – ‘The Black Album’ (on the way to the pool and on the way home)

50m warm-up (freestyle)

40x25m 21:35 (freestyle)

100m warm-down (25m breaststroke/75 freestyle)

I did not sleep at all last night – my legs felt like they belonged to somebody else from the moment I lay down. Firstly my left leg felt really tight and uncomfortable around the ITB and knee and then a short while later I began to experience discomfort around the shin and calf of my right leg. I was in bed by 2335hrs and I just lay there until 0400hrs when I decided I needed to call into work to say that I wouldn’t be coming in – I have to be up no later than 0530hrs for an early shift and less than one and a half hours sleep would mean I’d barely be able to attend to my duties. I lay there for hours trying to take my mind off my legs and subsequently fell into ruminating about my 20’s as they will be coming to an end on the 26th of this month(!), for some reason my mind wanted to focus on the negatives and the troughs as opposed to the peaks and the positives! Anyway, I finally managed to fall asleep around 0700hrs with a heavy feeling of guilt for bailing on work and I woke up after a fitful, broken five and a half hours.

After pulling myself together a little and taking the dog out for a walk I decided to head over the the sauna to sweat out my demons! I had intended to be doing this after work but as the opportunity had presented itself most unexpectedly I ended up in the leisure centre at the quietest part of the week – Friday between 1300hrs and 1530hrs. Unfortunately you cannot use the pool between these times but it does mean nobody is usually anywhere else in the venue apart from the gym. So it was that I found myself in a wonderfully peaceful and lonesome sauna! I was joined after twenty minutes by another person who I can only assume appreciates silence as much as I do as not a word was spoken between us for the remainder of my time in there. After 30 minutes I usually jump out of the sauna, take a quick cold shower and then head into the steam room for 20 minutes but today I felt like pushing it a bit so I sat there focusing on breathing very slowly for another seven minutes! Instead of heading into the steam room I decided to get into the spa for fifteen minutes – I’ve never used this before because there are usually a few people in there chattering away but it was empty today. I focused the jet streams onto my lumbar spinal nerve 3 area and sat there completely relaxed for fifteen minutes. I noticed when I got out of the spa that there was still 15 minutes to go before the pool was ready for use and so I decided to try pushing my luck a little more and went back to the sauna! I managed another 17 minutes in there but it was beginning to take its toll as I began to feel light headed after about 15 minutes…I was glad to get out, hit the cold shower and then head down to the pool.

As I was putting on my swim cap and goggles I noticed that I felt very tired and I wondered to myself whether I’d be able to even get through my 50m fast warm-up! Well, I did manage to get through but I had to take a breather before heading into the main workout which I’d originally planned at 20x25m. I did the 20x25m with no problems although I did notice I felt a lot lighter in mind and body than I usually do through the first 20, so I decided to push on to see if I could get to 40x25m without having to bail! I did the 40x25m about 1:30ish slower than I normally would and I was very proud of the effort considering how drained I felt afterwards – I had to take a five minute breather before doing my 100m warm-down.

Then, lo and behold, once I finished my warm-down my housemate swims up! I had no idea he was even in the pool and he suggested hitting the sauna once he’d finished his workout – I laughed almost manically at the very idea…and then realised I would need to explain this outburst! When I told Tom that I’d just done at 1×37:00 followed by 1×17:00 in there and then 40x25m he mirrored my manic laugh and called me a crazy fool! I have to say at that point I totally agreed with him as I was having difficulty holding even this basic conversation; most definitely time to head home for some green tea and a peanut butter and banana sandwich!

I’m hoping that today’s long sauna session and hard swim session will have knocked the wind out of my legs, mind and L3 so that I can get to sleep tonight – I’m on another early shift tomorrow and, sleep or no sleep, I’m going in! Furthermore tomorrow is a scheduled rest and recovery day so I’m hoping that, with a decent sleep tonight and one tomorrow, I’ll be able to get a decent run in on Sunday before my late shift.

Wish me sweet dreams dear reader! Until the ‘morrow, arrivederci 🙂

Peace out x

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