Thursday 17th October 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Burzum – ‘Hvis Lyset Tar Oss’

5.66km 23:40

Three road runs in three days. Not bad! Granted, each run has had its fair share of twinges and signs of my L3 flaring up but the point is I’ve managed to get them done and with no rest and recovery or swimming days in between.

Today’s run, the third of the aforementioned road runs went very well…up to a point. I was happily clipping along at a comfortable pace (I averaged 4:11 per km for the entire distance) and enjoying listening to my new Burzum album. I noticed from the get go that my ITB/knee did feel a little tight but I felt nothing emanating from my L3 spinal nerve region and so just figured it to be a case of having to loosen up during the run, it was most definitely a case of mind over matter and my mind won out! After about 3km I was moving smoothly and paying no mind to my physiology, however, that changed when I looked at my watch and saw it tick over from 5.65km to 5.66km – almost at that exact point I got a sharp shooting pain from my L3 down into my knee which literally caused me to jump in the air mid-stride. As soon as both feet were planted back on the earth I pressed stop on the Garmin and pulled up the reigns.

I figured it would be a bad idea to push it too much and attempt the 800-1000m jog ahead of me that would lead to my front door and so I walked it. I hate walking at the end of a run because you can feel the eyes of drivers and pedestrians on you as you stroll, nonchalant, in your compression socks and short shorts, dripping with sweat down the pavement! Not only that but your body temperature cools rather quickly as your sweat starts to catch the chill air and all you want is to be home with a cup of green tea and some food in front of you – 1000m is not far when you’re running or jogging but when you’re dragging your sorry ass along it seems like forever! Thankfully I got back without encountering too much by the way of other people and soon had my sweatpants on, a clean and dry t-shirt and a cup of coffee in hand.

I’m sitting here writing this with a hot water bottle pressed to my L3 region having just completed 4 sets of 20 lumbar extensions – there is no way I’m letting it get the best of me this time! Although I’m obviously not fully recovered, the distance I’m able to run without it flaring up continues to grow and with my DIY recovery regime I’m pushing on. Once this is all written up and published I’m off to the sauna and the steam room and then back home again for some more lumbar extensions! Tomorrow I’m going to give my L3 and my legs a break and go for a swim instead of a run and Saturday is scheduled for a rest and recovery day – plenty of down time for it all to settle…before I hit the trails [and/or the road] again on Sunday!

That’s all for today folks. I hope the day is treating you well 🙂

Peace & Blessings x

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