Wednesday 16th October 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Mother Nature

7:67km 32:13

I’ve had an amazing day off! It started well when I woke up and realised I’d slept through all of my usual alarms, therefore gifting myself with the rarest of things; a lie in! For the first time in a long time I managed to sleep through an entire morning and found myself waking up at 1215hrs – it’s not something I’ll be making a habit of but I do feel great for it!

I awoke to find heavily overcast skies with a persistent, fairly hard rain falling and I knew straight away that today would be a test of my Inov8 X233s in poor road conditions and also a great test for my new running jacket. After two cups of coffee and a banana I pulled on a baselayer, my short shorts, tied my laces, zipped up my jacket and headed out into the rain with a big smile on my face! I absolutely love running in the rain I find it very relaxing and peaceful even when I’m road running – I am aware of my surroundings such as cars, pedestrians and the like but it often just feels like it’s me and the rain drops out there on the road. The sound of rain fall, the taste of it, even the smell – it all makes for a special kind of run, the kind of run that brings you closer to nature and the natural style of running.

So, a quick mention for the X233s – they have very smooth soles but it turns out they’re sticky and really do the job in poor road traction conditions. I didn’t have one slip or stumble and they repelled water really well…until I splashed through a large and unavoidable puddle, thus condemning my left foot to a rather cold and uncomfortable one or two K until it warmed up again! My Haglofs Boa hood did a brilliant job of repelling the rain and keep me warm but not hot – much better than running in these conditions with only a technical tee and a baselayer for upper body coverage! Now, onto a little bit about the run itself – well, it was a fairly consistently paced run with my overall average coming in at 4:12 per km with the first two klicks going off a little fast at 3:59 and 3:54 respectively which I think I can put down to me getting a little carried away due to feeling excited about running in the rain! Injury wise, I stayed fairly clear of discomfort and pain throughout. I experienced a twinge at 4km as I was going up a short, steep incline and then again at about 6km on a longer, less steep incline – during the latter my leg began to tighten up a bit and I wondered whether this might be the end of the run for me but I leaned backward, slightly arching my back which gave my L3 a bit of respite and it settled down again.

Shortly after getting back from my run I had a little lunch and then headed over to the steam room and sauna with my housemate – 30 minutes in the sauna and 21 minutes in the steam room and I was about ready to pass out! Fortunately I had a small Mars bar in my swim bag and plenty of water on hand which meant I soon regained my composure before heading home to work on some strength and conditioning as I promised myself I would do! So followed some sit ups, push ups, squats and lumbar extensions before I decided to kick back a little and write this blog post. So here I sit, green tea in hand and dinner being cooked for me by my bro! It’s looking like the end of today will be matching the start as I’m about to head over to visit with my Dad and my brother. It’s not often that we eat together as a family and once dinner is over and we’ve watched some nonsensical TV I’m going to head back home to do a little more resting and relaxing before waking up tomorrow morning and heading out for another road run – things are looking up for the marathon in December!

Until the ‘morrow reader, I bid thee Auf Wiedersehen 🙂

Peace Out x

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