Tuesday 15th October 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Morbid Angel – ‘Altars of Madness’

5.37km 22:30 (Pisa Marathon, session 17. Road)

I decided today was the day to test of my legs on the road. It’s been a while, simply because whenever I hit the road during September and early October my injury would flare up and then I’d be out of action for days at a time. Naturally I was quite anxious as I put on my Inov8’s – compared to my Asics trail shoes they are minimal with a 4mm drop compared to the Asics 10mm – I did consider eschewing them and opting for my trail runners but in the end I decided against it, tied my laces and headed out the door in my beautiful and very much underused X233 road shoes!

I have to say it was a pretty good run! I averaged 3:54 during my 3rd klick and a 4:01 on my 5th and the only reason I didn’t run longer was because of a twinge I felt at 4.9 klicks. This twinge sent a sharp shock through my ITB but didn’t seem to effect my knee too much but it was enough to make me slow right down and take it easy as I headed the short distance home – it was kind of a disappointing ending to the run but I guess I was expecting it after my experience throughout September. Fortunately there seems to have been no lasting after effect on my L3, knee or ITB and I’ve gone about my day pretty normally and I’m going to get back out on the road tomorrow to see how it goes.

I’m wondering if maybe I need a little more cushioning underfoot during my road runs. The idea of going from 4mm to anything above 6mm doesn’t fill me with joy to be honest but the 10mm drop on my Asics seems to help me avoid the L3 problems when I use them on road occasionally. That said, I’m looking to invest in some Salomon Sense Ultras in the near future and these also have a 4mm drop – it could be that I’m just not a minimal drop kind of runner but I’m not so sure about it as I logged a lot of road, track and trail miles in the 4mm New Balance MT110s with no problems whatsover.

Maybe it’s not a ‘drop’ issue. It could well be that I’ve become lazy with my strength and conditioning work and the muscles around my lower back and upper legs are just not as strong and protective as they once were! In all honesty I think this is most likely the case and I really need to up my game and get back to my lean, muscular old self – I have made a start on this recently and I haven’t had a beer for over a week which is good going. So, to conclude, it’s time to start getting serious again because it’s all good just logging the miles and ticking off the Ks but if you can’t keep it consistent because of injuries and niggles then you’re going nowhere fast! Time to unroll the exercise mate and dig out the dumbells me thinks…

On that note dear reader I shall leave you for today. Until tomorrow, adieu!

Peace & Blessings x

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