Monday 14th October 2013

Today unintentionally turned into a rest and recovery day, this is because I managed to sleep through my alarms and woke up with only an hour to spare before heading out the door for work!

I’m sitting here in the office, on the late shift, considering a run when I get home around 2300hrs this evening but somehow I don’t think that is going to happen. By waking up so late this morning I believe my body was letting me know that I need a bit more sleep than I’m currently getting. Therefore, unless my urge to run takes over, I’ll be holding off until the morning before heading out. In other news, I am really glad to report that today marks the best day I’ve had since picking up my L3 injury on September 3rd – not one single sign of pain or discomfort that I was expecting after yesterday’s run. I was expecting it because its appearance would have conformed to the pattern – run fine one day, wake up the next feeling awful. I think I can safely say I’m ‘fixed’ or ‘recovered’! Hallelujah!

With my recovery confirmed I can now also confirm that I will be taking it easy on my runs right up until the Pisa marathon on December 16th – it’s unlikely I’ll push myself. It’s my aim to make the start line with no niggles and no injuries and to finish my debut – be that in 2:55 like I had originally planned or in 4:00 like I currently feel I’d be able to manage – either way, I’m finishing that marathon in 4 hours or less – anything more and I won’t be feeling too great about it! I figure if I can finish in around 4 hours then I’ll be able to run my first 45 miler/first ultra on January 11th in 9, maybe 10, hours! That is a big unknown though and also a big guess – all I know about my first ultra is that the cut off is 11 hours and I need to come in under that to get my first qualifying point for the 2015 CCC!

So with that I shall sign off for the day and get back to my shift dear reader! Until the ‘morrow, au revoir 🙂

Peace & Blessings x

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