Friday 11th October 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Jefferson Airplane – ‘The Essential Hits’

8km 37:06 (Running with a cold, in the cold. Pisa Marathon, session 16)

Today marks the beginning of the end for my pesky cold and, hopefully, the end of a long 5 weeks off from my marathon training programme thanks to an injury and the aforementioned cold!

I woke up with clear sinuses for the first time since Tuesday this morning and decided to get up and head straight to the sauna and steam room to rid myself of the remnants of the blockage! I’m glad to say it worked a treat – I had half an hour in the sauna on my own which makes a nice change from the usual jam of people that I often find and then I spent fifteen minutes in the steam room. Instead of pacing around in the steam room, today I just sat as near as I could to the steam outlet and breathed in and out, slowly and deeply! On my return home I was slightly disappointed to find that my Haglofs Boa running jacket had yet to be delivered but I still decided to stick to yesterday’s plan of running for 30 minutes today.

Before going out for a run I decided to take my mountain bike out for a spin again – I’ve found my passion for riding in the past few days as it’s much easier than swimming or running when you’re bunged up. I rode down to my brother’s house and we spent a little time playing GTA IV and eating some of my homemade curry that I made last night. My day, and possibly significantly more of my life, was almost shattered on my ride home! I was making my way at a reasonable pace on the road, travelling behind a vehicle when it suddenly decided to stop in the middle of a residential street – before I had chance to go around it the driver began to reverse quite quickly. Thankfully I didn’t panic but took evasive action and swerved to the driver’s side whereupon I was clipped by the wing mirror and almost endo’ed over my handlebars…I managed to regain control of the bike, glare at the driver and slam a fist on to the hood of the car and then carried on my ride home. I’m so glad I was paying attention and wearing a helmet – take heed kids!

Anyway, that little drama aside, when I got home I pulled on my running shorts and dug out my Rab baselayer to combat the driving wind and drizzle that happened to have been falling all day and then headed straight out of the door. I’m sure I must make a funny sight to some people – short shorts but with running gloves, a tech-shirt and a baselayer! Oh well, in all honesty I think I look cool and the short shorts stop me overheating on the trail or on the road – so there 😛 I was accompanied on my run by the wonderful sounds of Jefferson Airplane and after about 2 kilometres I had hit my ‘zone’ – granted I was going a lot slower than usual but I felt relaxed and calm, not struggling for breath or feeling any sort of illness. I think having a Locket dissolve in my mouth over the first couple of klicks did wonders for the run. Although it was slow and comfortable I will feel happy to get out and do a similar kind of run on the ‘morrow and I’ll take it from there really – once I start stringing a few five milers together I’ll start to up the distance and will hopefully get in at least one fifteen and one eighteen miler before the marathon on December 16th!

When I got back from my run I have to say I felt pretty darn tired and a the cold soon caught up with me once I’d warmed up a little and the sweat/rain in my hair began to cool. I thought at this point it would be a great excuse to go and have a very long [read: one hour] hot bath with a new book and a new album. So it was that I ended up lying in the bath not but fifteen minutes later listening to Sly & The Family Stone and reading the opening chapters of ‘World War Z’. A great way to end a pretty great day in my opinion! Cold aside, I’ve had a great two days off from work and this makes all the difference in returning – back to work on an Early shift tomorrow, usually the prospect of waking up at 0530hrs on a Saturday for anything other than a run fills me with sorrow but I’m feeling groovy about it at this moment in time 🙂 In all honesty, the quicker I can get to work and get my shift done the quicker I can take out that new Sly & The Family Stone album for a run on the ‘morrow’s eve!

With that dear reader I shall leave you for today. I hope your weekend has gotten off to a great start!

Peace & Blessings x

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